Door County Dreams Series

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Can five days in July change your life?

Lenore Michaels has her doubts when everything seems to go wrong one Wednesday morning. Her car breaks down on the side of the highway, she loses her job, and she’s flat broke. She moved to scenic Door County to start a new life but it seems like she’s just proving everyone right.

She can’t make it on her own.

Luckily, Matt Song steps in to save the day. He’s the local mechanic, he’s hiring, and he’s smitten with the gorgeous woman he meets in line at the gas station.

The tall, handsome stranger makes Lenore feel like anything is possible but can he convince her that he’s worth the risk to have it all: a fresh start, a new job, and a new relationship?

*This is the first of two books featuring Lenore and Matt, read the conclusion to their story in Four Weeks in September

Content Warnings: This book features a female sexual assault survivor and the action of the story is heavily influenced by her experiences. It also discusses mental health matters throughout the book and occasionally uses adult language.
Tropes: Small town, blue collar, slow burn, workplace, fish out of water, girl next door, trauma and healing, learning to love, new girl in town

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Matt and Lenore’s relationship has seen its share of challenges.

As pressure mounts, and tension builds, will their summer love survive the fall?

When Lenore Michaels moved to Door County, she did not know how much her life would change.

She came for a fresh start, but after the first two months there; she found herself without a job and at the mercy of a handsome stranger named Matt.

Matt offers her a job and a chance at a relationship she never expected to have. She knows she can trust him, but is she ready to take their relationship a step further?

Matt Song is used to taking care of everything on his own and he likes it that way. With every decision he makes, he knows he has complete control.

But he would do anything for Lenore.

When new challenges develop, will he let his old fears resurface or will he be able to face his past and give Lenore the relationship he knows she deserves?

*This is the second of two books featuring Lenore and Matt, read the beginning of their story in Five Days in July

Content Warnings: workplace sexual harassment, sexual assault survivor, mental health and mental health treatment, parental loss, explicit sexual content
Tropes: Small town, blue collar, workplace, girl next door, trauma and healing, learning to love

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Andrea Owens is a fighter.

She fought hard to escape her past and leave behind her old life. From working to put herself through culinary school to getting hired for the head chef’s position at a restaurant, she’s built a career she can be proud of.

But she has a secret she’s still trying to hide. One that could cost her everything.

Unfortunately, her new boss isn’t letting her stay out of the spotlight.

Steve Freider knew he’d gotten lucky from the first night Andrea stepped into his kitchen. She’s creative, talented, and a force to be reckoned with. He’s never seen such raw talent before. 

He just doesn’t understand why she shuns any kind of attention. She refuses to let anyone take her picture and never gives interviews, always letting him do the talking.

Their turbulent personalities clash, and everything comes to a head one night.

It forces Andrea to make an impossible decision.

Will she face her past and deal with the consequences or leave the person she loves behind?

** This is the third book in the Door County Dreams Series and it is a standalone. While it doesn't have to be read in order, it's always best to start with book one.

Content Warnings: Criminal Activities, Blackmail, Parental Loss and Neglect, Sexually Explicit Scenes, Adult Language  Tropes: Small Town, Second Chance, Romantic Suspense, “It was right in front of you all along!”

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Sarah Reinert is a perfectionist. She’s spent her life trying to live up to the expectations that her parents drilled into her. Always dress well, be successful, find a husband, get married…

But that’s impossible. 

Especially when she finds out her long-term boyfriend is cheating on her via anonymous emails. When she sees the pictures of him with other women, she knows she’s going to break up with him.

But that also means she has to move out of the house they own together. 

Overwhelmed by the idea of admitting to her parents that she’s failed, and having to cram her life back into her childhood bedroom, she asks her best friend if she can move in with him instead.

When Sarah comes to Bret with her idea, he thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to finally show her how he feels about her. He’s loved her since the first night they met, but he knew she was in a relationship, so he never made a move. With them living together, he’s bound to find the perfect opportunity to ask her if they can try to be more than just friends.

There’s only one problem.

He doesn’t know how to tell her he’s the one that sent the emails. 

** This is the fourth book in the Door County Dreams Series and it is a standalone. While it doesn't have to be read in order, it's always best to start with book one.

Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Fake Dating, Small Town, Found Family, Contemporary Romance
Content Warnings: Cheating, Graphic Sex, Adult Language, Strained Parental Relationships, Fat Shaming

Monica Price is burnt out. Between the pressure from her father to follow the career path he’s laid out for her and the stresses from her job as a lawyer, she’s starting to let things slip through the cracks. It all comes to a head when a series of mistakes lead the partner’s of her firm to ask her to take a sabbatical.

If she wants to keep her father from finding out, she has to get out of town until she can go back to work.

Caleb Corcoran is struggling. He’s still recovering from injuries that led to his honorable discharge from the military and he’s about to launch his brand new bed-and-breakfast. Money’s tight with costly repairs adding up. When he gets a call about a long term rental, there’s no way he can say no.

What he doesn’t know is that it’s for Monica, the woman he hooked up with last spring and who’s enmeshed herself in their friend group. 

It’s a win win for both of them right?

The only problem is, they can’t stand each other.

Tropes: Hookup -> Enemies -> Lovers, Burnt Out FMC, Grumpy MMC, Small Town, Found FamilyTrigger Warnings: Explicit Sexual content, adult language, veterans issues, family discord, mental and physical health