Taylor Sisters Trilogy

McKenna Taylor has lived in Plum River her entire life. It’s where she’s carried on her family’s farming legacy and where she dreamed of marrying Bryant Olsen. The two of them were inseparable, teenage sweethearts and best friends.

After a tragic accident, and painful breakup, McKenna rebuilds her life and her family’s future to make sure she and her two sisters could keep their farm. But she’s left with an ache in her heart and an overwhelming sense of responsibility to take care of everyone else around her.

Now, fifteen years later, Bryant is back.

When McKenna sees him in town, all of her old feelings resurface and she has to decide if he’s worth the risk.

Content Warnings: 

Explicit sexual content and language, parental loss, miscarriage, divorce


Second Chance Romance, Childhood Sweethearts, Cowboys/Farmers

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Fall Into Love Anthology